Food Journal: What Sofia Tsakiridou aka "matiamubysofia" is in a day |

Food Journal: What Sofia Tsakiridou aka matiamubysofia is in a day |

Sofia Tsakiridou seems to have found the key to happiness: she just eats it by the spoon! In her food journal she reveals which recipes make the influencer so happy.

She is the sunshine in many people's Instagram feed: Sofia Tsakiridou aka "Matiamu by Sofia". The influencer always exudes a good mood and is infectious with her radiant smile even on gray days. & Nbsp; Her secret recipe is special ingredients and dishes, which she wrote down especially for her fans in her new cookbook "Eat Love Happiness".

For GALA, Sofia opens her nutrition diary and lists in a food journal what she eats on a day to feed her happy mindset. & Nbsp; So much can be said: With her food selection, the avowed vegetarian pays particular attention to hers To keep your body healthy and in shape and at the same time pamper yourself with snacks for the soul.

While most people start their day with a hot cup of coffee, Sofia first takes a good tablespoon of coconut oil: "After getting up, I first do oil pulling, an Ayurvedic method," she reveals in her food journal. This is said to have a positive effect on the body and to help, among other things, against tooth decay, headaches and flu infections.

Then the influencer drinks a shot of apple cider vinegar: "This is great for the intestine!" She is right: Nutritionists also recommend the fermented drink for healthy intestinal flora. Because apple cider vinegar is one of the probiotic foods that contain good bacterial strains such as bifido and lactic acid bacteria. They settle in the intestine and promote regulated digestion. & Nbsp; Thanks to the acetic acid it contains, apple cider vinegar also keeps blood sugar levels constant, improves metabolism and lets fat burning run optimally. & Nbsp;

Sofia provides energy for the day in a warming porridge, which she mixes with hazelnut milk and is served on top with an apple and lots of nuts. They provide the model with vegetable protein, which can be even better absorbed by the body thanks to the vitamin C-rich apple.

The influencer has breakfast late and is on the go a lot during the day - one appointment often chases the next. There is rarely any time for an extensive lunch. But Sofia knows how to help herself and always has filling snacks ready, as she reveals in the Food Journal:

The trio quickly fills the stomach in a healthier way than most bakeries and kiosks at train stations, airports and Co. allow. In addition, the foodie has precise control over which ingredients are included in his snacks - for example in the homemade banana bread.

A quick vegetable curry, such as the banana curry from her soul food cookbook, gives Sofia a good gut feeling in the evening - especially when she is alone. For a cooking evening with friends, the model with Greek roots serves up a special dish: "Preferably with some tapas in the middle, like grilled vegetables and baked feta cheese. Many dips and a ratatouille with rosemary potatoes." Sofia seems to have definitely found the recipe for happiness for body and soul.

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