House of Architects: Construction of Children's Hospital impossible and dangerous

House of Architects: Construction of Children's Hospital impossible and dangerous

The Bulgarian Chamber of Architects appeals to the Supreme Administrative Court to suspend the public procurement for the completion of the two 12-storey buildings planned for the future Children's Hospital in Sofia, the chamber said.

Architects also challenged the Competition Commission with a similar argument, but the antitrust authority dismissed the complaint. And after the auction was resumed, three consortia submitted bids.

"The earthquake standards allow for an 8-storey hospital in Sofia. According to the General Plan and the Detailed Plan, pediatrics cannot be higher than 20 meters," the chamber said in connection with a complaint to the administrative court.

In 2011, the existing unfinished construction was designated for removal with the Detailed Spatial Plan of the capital and the construction of a new, differently configured children's hospital on 5 floors is envisaged. All this makes the old construction, as well as the public procurement for its completion, completely illegal, the chamber adds.

"For so long, every building is aging. The 12 floors of concrete and reinforcement have been exposed for decades to rain, snow, ice and heat without any protection. This means that the processes of wear, rust and demolition have gone even faster." , the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria adds.

The report also noted that experts, including the Ministry of Health, came to the same conclusion back in 2004. At that time, the idea of ​​a children's hospital was still on the agenda and the National Assembly asked for opinions and reports on what to do. Experts say irreparable structural damage has occurred on the unfinished building and recommend the construction of a new building that complies with world standards, the chamber said.

"However, in April 2019, the Ministry of Health made an assignment and announced a contract for completion of the construction. The design assignment is incomplete and incompetent. And it opens the door to abuse," the chamber said.

"Specific engineering systems and their continuous operation are vital and life-saving in any hospital. Electricity, water, air conditioning, microclimate and sterility of air, oxygen installations and other medical gases - the quality of engineering systems predetermines the battle for the patient's life. however, there is no word on the Ministry of Health's assignment to design and build a national children's hospital, "the chamber added.

The MH's assignment does not set higher than the minimum durability requirements for the building of strong earthquakes, it has its own power supply, water and food tanks, can function in spite of possible cataclysms outside. "There is no idea about the number of parking spaces, not to mention an emergency helicopter site. There is no thought of building a warm connection with the nearby University Hospital, Mother House," the chamber added.

"But it is also clear that the future, a decades-long building of the Children's Hospital, will be dangerous for all who need it," the Bulgarian Chamber of Architects said.